Friday, October 2, 2009

October Begins...

Well everyone, let me see if I can update you on life...
Haley got her ears pierced.
I put purple streaks in my hair.
David's been busy with work, accountability group, Jr. High group, wrestling, and a Crown Bible Study.
Haley & I have been busy with school, we have the first month under our belt!
We are just wrapping up our Softball season and starting our Kickball season, haha, pictures to come.
Oct. 9-11th is David's final session at Discovery, it's been an amazing experience for him and he's learned a lot.
Oct. 16-18th is our Jr. High MY Big Show weekend - it's going to be a great event, David will be with his guys all weekend & I am going to be helping out where I can.
Haley is bouncing around on what she wants to be for Halloween so we'll see where she lands - so far the options are:
Snow White
Superhero (again)
She gets to dress up @ school and then we'll be doing our Trunk-or-Treat festival at church and she can be something else she can be 2 things this year.
David & I hopefully get to go to a Halloween Party this year so we'll see if we get to dress up - still don't know what we will be if we do.
Looking ahead we will be home Nov. 3-7th for Jon & Lauren's wedding, and we'll be home Dec. 22-Jan. 2nd, so mark your calendars!
Love you and miss you all!
David, Jayme & Haley