Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Most Recent Update

Well the newest news...
David passed his CFA Level 1!!!! Hooray!!
I (Jayme) got a new job working @ the New Creation Preschool through our church!
Haley will be starting preschool!
We are living in a very cute 2 bedroom apartment.
We are library junkies - Haley & I go to the library in our town @ least twice a week!
David loves his job! It's very self-motivated & of course David is VERY self-motivated:-)
David & I are small group leaders for Jr. High kids @ our church, & I volunteer with kids check-in.
I've also been attending a Women's Bible Study on Tuesday nights, where I met a great group of girls that I really get along with!
We've been going to the Roanoke Rec Center gym...Haley loves playing in the childcare while David & I workout.
We miss all of you guys & we can't wait to visit!

Haley's New Bike

With some of Haley's birthday money when we got to Texas we were able to buy her a new bike & a new helmet! She loves them both & she loves to ride whenever we get a chance (she hasn't gotten too many since we moved to our apartment, but while we lived at Wes's she got to ride a lot)

The Many Faces of Haley

Well "ya'll", haha, Haley has had a LOT of fun dressing up since we've been here. She of course has always loved Spiderman...Wes's nephews had a Spiderman mask:-) Her newest obsession has been Transformers...Wes's nephews had an Optimus Prime mask (it even transformed your voice into a robot voice). In our new apartment she has been dressing up like a cowboy (this means putting on every scarf, bandana, headband, bathing suit, etc. that she can find) & of course a cowboy needs a hat, she thinks hers is like Pop's, although hers is pink and floppy. If you notice, she has her Dora baseball bat in a holster:-) I swear if she had a pout on her face, she would look like "Head Princess"

Fun in TX

While we lived @ Weslee's house we got to go to the park down the street a lot:-) Haley's favorite think to do was swing. She didn't care about all of the running around if David was willing to keep pushing she would stay in that swing all day! The community pool was right next to the park and we went to the pool with Missy every-once-in-a-while. Hopefully you can get an idea of our neighborhood by some of these pictures!

4th of July

Well for 4th of July (I know this post is over a month late), we went to KaBoom Town in Addison, TX. It was free & we got to bring our own ice chest with whatever we wanted:-) They had live music, acrobatic airplanes, tons of food & fun obstacle courses for Haley to try. This was Haley's first time seeing fireworks in real life so we weren't sure how she would react. She did ok though, she sat on David's lap the whole time, refusing to allow him to take his arms from around her. He tried to hold my hand but she was not havin' it. She started to get used to it by the end of the show & was telling us the colors of all of the fireworks. We went with Weslee & his fiancee Missy, David's boss Ryan & his wife Jenny, and another guy that David & Wes work with Joey & his wife Teresa. It was a lot of fun!