Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First Day of School

Haley: Had a great first day! She did very well. Her teachers' names are Ms. Cheri & Ms. Marcie (both very sweet). She is in the Red Room and her class name is the Amazing Apples. She did have an incident on the playground with another kid (Haley was the one who was not sharing nicely) so she got in trouble :-( on the first day! She already has homework - she has to take in 3 things that describe her in a little paper bag and she will share them with the class on Thursday. She's taking: Her Bumblebee transformer, her Oregon Ducks t-shirt, and a little princess toy. I think those make a pretty accurate summary of Haley.

Jayme: AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Hahahaha, my day was crazy, crazy, crazy! My assistant teacher and I were unprepared (we thought we were, but we were not). The age group is much younger than I had in mind and it's hard to wrangle 11 crying toddlers and try to keep them to a class schedule:-) So Debbie & I have re-assessed the situation and now have a better "plan of attack" for Thursday. However I do love all of the kids in my class & I can't wait for them all to get used to being with us 2-3 times a week.

Pictures: Haley & I first day of school, Haley first day of school, & Haley (crying because she DID NOT want to take a picture with Daddy) first day of school

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Day After the Storm

Hi All!
I just wanted to let everyone know that all things are good here after the storms. The "storm" that hit here was pretty uneventful (I was actually dissapointed), a lot of rain but nothing much else. The storm was really bad mostly on the coast, obviously, & in Houston, but we are far away from all of that. We actually went to Red Robin for lunch/dinner and to watch the Oregon Ducks game (they won WooHoo!) yesterday with friends, so we were fine to get out of the house...which I wasn't sure we'd be able to do with everything they were saying the storm was going to be. It was very mild though so no worries - no flooding, no blown over trees, no thunder & lightning. AZ storms are much more exciting:-) Anyways just wanted to give everyone the update just in case you were worried about us! I will post more soon!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurrican Ike

I am sure you are all wondering about Hurricane Ike getting ready to hit & people being evacuated from Texas:-) So far, so good here in Roanoke. We are 45 minutes from the border of Oklahoma so we are pretty far north. That means no evacuations for us. Today it's actually sunny, which is the first time in 4 days, but starting tomorrow (when Ike's supposed to hit) it's going to be storming like crazy. We are supposed to get 9-12 in. of rain, just tomorrow, so I'm sure it will be a pretty exciting storm. We haven't been told to worry about flooding or anything like that so hopefully we don't need to:-) I will try to keep you updated and I will also try to take pictures too to post!

Love you all! Hope these last posts updated you a little bit on our life:-) (Sorry there wasn't much about David - he's good, busy/stressed/trusting God with work:-), he really likes working with the Jr. High boys at church and has met some friends among the other leaders, tries to golf when he can, I will try to update you more soon)

Update on Jayme's Work Situation

It has been a lot of hurry-up and wait with the new church/school. Anyone who's ever dealt with construction knows that you never get in when you plan to. We were hoping to be moving into our classrooms the first weekend of October, but we still didn't have a certificate of occupancy for the building...and we just barely got our temporary one:-) So next Monday & Tuesday (the 15th & 16th), I finally get to start moving stuff into my classroom, WOOHOO!! I'm very excited to see what the classroom is like & what kind of stuff I have to use & work with. I have not seen anything yet & Meet the Teacher is next Thursday (the 18th). My assistant teacher & I are going to have a lot to get done in 2 days. I am very excited though & have a ton of ideas for our classroom.
Our first day of school will be the 23rd, which means that is Haley's first day of school as well. She's excited but I don't think she quite gets it:-) She'll learn soon enough that the first day of school is a BIG DEAL!

Home Again, Home Again

Well, we've been back home now for a couple weeks. We loved visiting everyone in AZ, but Haley & I were both took us a few days to recuperate. The week we were there was wonderful, it was great to see everyone and Haley LOVED getting to see her family. We got to see the progress on Top of the World (which is amazing), and I can't wait to go up to visit as soon as it's all finished. Hopefully I will get pictures soon from my mom to post:-)